Application web for continuing and further education.

If you are or have been a student at UiS (or HiS, DH, SLH, etc.) there are two ways you can log in:
- with email address and password you have registered with us
- with the national ID number and PIN you had when you were a student

Please contact us if you have forgotten your email address or PIN:
Telephone 51 83 30 41

If you have not been an applicant or a student with us before, you choose "register new user" to receive a password for login.
Please note that SĂžknadsweb is connected to the Contact and Reservation Register. The email address you register will therefore change to the address you entered in the registry.

Important: You are asked to upload documentation covering the admission requirement at the same time as you submit the application. It can also be done afterwards, via the My Documents option in the menu on the left (visible when logged in). As valid documentation, copies of original diplomas and signed certificates / certificates of service from the employer are considered where there is a requirement for professional practice.
This includes documentation of foreign education approved by the NOKUT and Norwegian language profiency for higher education in Norway.
Unless otherwise stated, the upload deadline is 7 days.

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