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Interne kurs for ansatte på UiT
Program for pedagogisk basiskompetanse. Application deadline 15-Apr-2019

Medisin, helse- og sosialfag
Cognitive behavioural therapy for children and youth. Application deadline 15-May-2019
Tutor competence for Education in Health Sciences and clinical practice. Application deadline 01-Jun-2019
HEL-6318 Forebyggende psykisk helsearbeid rettet mot barn og unge. Application deadline 15-Apr-2019
Tutor competence for Education in Health Sciences and clinical practice. Application deadline 01-Jun-2019
National postgraduate study in child welfare supervision. Application deadline 15-Apr-2019

Safety in the laboratory and on sea and land expeditions
HMS-0120 UiT´s regulations on fireldwork and sea-going expeditions (web). Application deadline 31-Jul-2019
HMS-0121 HSE and emergency prepardness (web - compulsory). Application deadline 31-Jul-2019
HMS-0122 Risk assessment (web - compulsory). Application deadline 31-Jul-2019
HMS-0123 Protective equipment (web - compulsory). Application deadline 31-Jul-2019
HMS-0125 Chemicals (web - compulsory). Application deadline 31-Jul-2019
HMS-0127 Biological materials (web). Application deadline 31-Jul-2019
HMS-0128 Hazardous waste (web - compulsory). Application deadline 31-Jul-2019

Kompetanse for framtidens barnehage
VID-6332 Nasjonal lederutdanning for styrere i barnehagen. Application deadline 22-May-2019
Childrens language development and language learning, including children with Norwegian as a second language. Application deadline 22-May-2019
Veiledning for praksislærere i barnehagen. Application deadline 22-May-2019

Kompetanse for kvalitet - videreutdanning for lærere
Naturfag 1 for 5-10 trinn. Application deadline 05-Aug-2019
Lærerspesialistutdanning i matematikk for 1-10 trinn. Application deadline 22-May-2019
Mathematics 2. Application deadline 22-May-2019
German grades 5-10. Application deadline 22-May-2019
Norwegian 2 - Continuing Education for Teachers at the Lower Secondary Level: Language Didactics . Application deadline 05-Aug-2019
MOOC - Mathematics 2 (1-7) - part 1 and part 2. Application deadline 05-Aug-2019
Mathematics 1. Application deadline 22-May-2019
Mathematics 1. Application deadline 05-Aug-2019
English 1 - Language Learning and Communication (Module 1). Application deadline 05-Aug-2019

Lærerutdanninger og utdanninger i pedagogikk
Basic skills with a focus on vocational subjects. Application deadline 05-Aug-2019
Guidance for teachers in schools and kinderartens. Application deadline 05-Aug-2019