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Demokratibygging - masterprogram
International Democracy Assistance and Democracy Building. Application deadline 19-Aug-2019
Societal security and crisis management. Terrorism and counterterrorism . Application deadline 19-Aug-2019
Business and Human Rights . Application deadline 23-Aug-2019
Master's Thesis. Application deadline 19-Aug-2019

Likestilling, inkludering og mangfald
Equality, Inclusion and Diversity. Application deadline 15-Aug-2019

Geografi, ressursforvalting og samfunnsplanlegging
Planning and society. Application deadline 01-Sep-2019
Natural Resources Management. Application deadline 01-Sep-2019

Kompetanse for Kvalitet - Videreutdanning for lærere - Udirgodkjente
Discrete Mathematics, the history of mathematics and digital learning resourses. Application deadline 09-May-2019
Naturfag 1. Application deadline 08-May-2019
Naturfag 2. Application deadline 09-May-2019

Matematikk 1 og Matematikk 2 - Kompetanse for kvalitet, suppleringsopptak
Mathematics for teachers, grade 8-11, level 1A. Application deadline 01-Aug-2019
Discrete Mathematics, the history of mathematics and digital learning resourses. Application deadline 01-Aug-2019

Naturfag 1 og Naturfag 2 - Kompetanse for kvalitet, suppleringsopptak
Naturfag i skolen 1. Application deadline 01-Aug-2019
Naturfag i skolen 3. Application deadline 01-Aug-2019

Pedagogikk og psykologi
Veiledning som profesjonell utvikling for lærere. Application deadline 25-Aug-2019
Mentoring within the teaching profession. Application deadline 25-Aug-2019
Operational Psychologi 1. Application deadline 01-Sep-2019
Krise- og katastrofepsykologi. Application deadline 25-Aug-2019

Krise- og katastrofepsykologi. (PSYK643 H.2019)
The course costs NOK: 18000
The course will be held: Not supplied
Application deadline: 25-Aug-2019
Withdraw deadline: Not supplied
Subjects with exams that are part of the course, with credits:
   Krise og katastrofepsykologi (PSYK643) 15  SP

Sosial nettverkstøtte for kriserammede. Application deadline 25-Aug-2019

Computational thinking and programming in mathematics. Application deadline 22-Apr-2019
GeoGebra - lower secondary school. Application deadline 01-Aug-2019
GeoGebra - upper secondary school. Application deadline 22-Apr-2019